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Yes, that’s a cheesy blog title but I’ve chosen it as a personal dedication to Dawn, my favorite boss ever, who came up with the title on my last day at work.

In a nut shell, I quit my job in London not only to take a break but also to figure out what else is out there that I enjoy (much more than sitting in a windowless office on my desk for 10h). Well, I have plenty of hobbies and things I enjoy doing but there is one thing I have a great passion for. And that is cheese. And since I moved to the UK this passion has grown with every single British cheese I tasted in the countless cheese shops in London but also elsewhere in the UK. I never dared to speak out loud what I secretly hoped I might be able to do one day. Cheese making, that is. And I am on my way to make my dream come true.

After doing some research, I asked the staff of my favourite cheese shop Neal’s Yard Dairy at Borough Market to get me in touch with Mary Holbrook, who’s been making goats cheese for over 30 years now on her farm in Somerset. She is one of the first goats cheese maker in the UK and is making one of the best hard goats cheeses I’ve ever tasted – the Old Ford. So I asked her in a gentle email for an opportunity to volunteer on her farm. Her response – not a problem.

So, here we are. Right now I am sitting on Mary’s huge wooden kitchen table with a cup of tea with goats milk and a piece of Old Ford, typing the first words into my blog and can’t believe that I am going to spend a few weeks on this beautiful farm in the middle of nowhere, being provided with cheese and lovely company all day long.

Well, why ANOTHER travel blog then? After my farm stay I’m gonna pursue one of my other hobbies – travelling, which of course I combine with cheese. Every place I am going to see I plan to discover all sorts of local cheese, taste it and see why cheeses, made of the same basic raw material – milk, can taste so different – starting in the UK, then France, Germany, passing through Eastern/Middle Europe, Italy and finally Australia. And therefore I think its quite practical to know how cheese is acutally being made.

So, basically what I intend with this blog is to enable my friends and family to follow me on my cheese trip around the world but also to keep track of what I experience throughout my journey so I can preserve it for myself. Hence, the blog is ought to work as some kind of agenda. Even together with my travelmate Jacs, who I am very happy to travel with, I am sure we will never ever remember all the cheeses, flavours, people and places in detail later.


Love, Mel x

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